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Welcome to Little Magic Grocery, your go-to destination for all your Nepalese grocery needs in Perth!

At Little Magic Grocery, you can find the range of grocery items that you used to cherish back home. From all the puja samagri to utensils of Nepal and from local beaten rice to fresh goat meat, their selection helps you to ensure that you find everything you need under one roof. You can also find dhaka topi, Nepalese flag and charesh ko thaal in Little Magic Grocery.

At Little Magic Grocery, they believe that supporting the community is essential. That’s why the team is actively engaged with local initiatives, collaborate with local suppliers, and contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Nepalese community in the Perth region.

Visit Little Magic Grocery at Wembley and discover the magic of Little Magic Grocery for yourself. To complement your grocery shopping experience, they also have Little Magic Momo located next to the grocery store.

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