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Nepa:Guthi, Western Australia

Nepa_guthi NEPA: GUTHI, Western Australia

Nepa:Guthi Inc., established in 2018, is a community-driven organization based in Western Australia that takes pride in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Newari community. They began their journey with a simple desire – to share, preserve, and promote the vibrant traditions and customs of the Newari people. Over the years, they’ve evolved into a formal registered incorporation in 2021, solidifying their commitment to serving the community.

As a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, Nepa:Guthi Inc. has a clear vision to be the driving force behind the celebration and preservation of Newari culture and heritage in Western Australia. Their primary objective is to ensure the appropriate transmission of Newari traditions to the younger generations living in the multicultural setting of Western Australia.

Every year, Nepa:Guthi Inc. proudly hosts the famous Newari festival, ‘Indra Jatra,’ also known as ‘Yenya Puni’ in Newari culture, right here in Western Australia. This cherished event serves as a vibrant showcase of Newari culture, drawing people of all backgrounds to join in the festivities.

Nepa:Guthi Inc. is committed to organizing events, workshops, and cultural programs that provide people of all ages the opportunity to engage with one another, discover more about the rich Newari past, and participate in its celebration.

In essence, Nepa:Guthi Inc. envisions a future where the Newari culture and traditions continue to flourish, seamlessly integrated into the diverse fabric of Western Australia. They are here to bridge generations, build connections, and foster a stronger, more culturally enriched community. Join them in their journey to celebrate, preserve, and share the timeless beauty of Newari culture, creating a legacy for the generations to come.

Information By : Pramod Tuladhar, Executive Member (Nepa:Guthi Inc)

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